I’m a history majon who works at an art museum. I got a camera a few years ago and post my images here, along with other stuff I find pretty or interesting.

Highasakite plays “Lover Where Do You Live?” live at P3aksjonen 2014 

Lover, where do you live?

In the skies, in the clouds, in the ocean?


And if I ever see you again my love

All I’m ever gonna do is send shivers down

that spine of yours

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Granada, Spain
"Ronald Reagan doesn’t care!"
The Americans

Christian Lacroix's evening dress with leg-of-mutton sleeve in vanilla duchesse satin, inspired by Boldine.
Photo: Irving Penn, Vogue, 1995
Godøy, Norway
Alhambra, Spain
Nidarosdomen, Norway


German Immigrant, Ellis Island, NY, USA.

"Wilhelm Schleich, 26, from Esch, Germany, arrived on June 18, 1907. He was a passenger on the Zeeland from Antwerp, Belgium."


Geiranger - Herdalen, Norway
Palácio Nacional da Pena, Portugal

W. A. Call
Gloucester Cathedral (ceiling),
Albumen print (?), 18.5 x 12.375
Bell Gallery


She belongs in the North. The real North.

Ålesund, Norway

Norway’s beautiful new bank notes are an instant design classic
loooool det la jeg ikke merke til xD

Da kan jeg vel håpe at det ikke er like merkbart som jeg fryktet lol

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